Where We Are

The Villa is located at the beginning of Valle dei Mulini, very near the ancient papermills, few of them still working, and just near the Papermuseum. We will go across the only carriage-road through the city, starting from Flavio Gioia square to Via delle Cartiere. Coming through Via Mansone I, we will reach the Dom Square with its staircase. Leaving the Cathedral at the back, we take the main road Via S.Lorenzo d'Amalfi with its typical bookshops, fruitshops, bakeries, fishshops and restaurants.

After a while we will be under an arch, called "Faenza arch", with above coulored houses with their small windows and balconies, all in blooming. (On the right there is one of our private guarded carparking). Afterwards 20 meters from the arch, raise your eyes up on the left and.. welcome to Villa Lara.

(distance from the sea : 600 meters 650 yards - 5 to 10 minutes walking)

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TEL: +39.089.7012464 • FAX: +39.089.9830119


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